Officers and Board Members

President* Gail Hamill
Vice President* Nissa Westerberg
Esther Asaki
Treasurer* Ruth Quah
Membership Dolly Perkins
Becky Dahlman
Newsletter Editor Val Hildebrand
Outreach Julie Haifley
Chair, Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery(ex-officio) Merle Thompson
*  Elected Officers


Equipment Mary Napier
Hospitality Teresa Zotikos
Librarian Becky Dahlman
Membership Dolly Perkins
Newsletter Val Hildebrand
Outreach Julie Haifley
Programs and Workshops

Nissa Westerberg

Website Account/Cart Info

Laritza Rodriguez, Registrar

Study Groups Beryl Fishman
Website Content Kristine Kingery
Social Media Content Naan Pocen
Yearbook Janet Stollnitz


Representatives to
Other Fiber Art Organizations

Artisans United (AU) Peggy Greenwood
Creative Crafts Council (CCC) Dominie Nash
Handweavers Guild of America (HGA) Janet Stollnitz
Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association (MAFA) Diana Guenther

Immediate Past President:  Floris Flam
Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery Chair:  Merle Thompson
The Guild accepts donations of fiber art books. Contact the guild librarian to make arrangements. For all other fiber-related donations, see the Fiber Donations page.