SKILL LEVEL: All are Welcome.  Freemotion sewing a bonus but not a requirement.

November 12, 13 + 14 2017

New Masters Art Gallery  |   12276 Wilkins Ave   |    Rockville, MD  20852

10am – 4.00pm (set-up begins at 9.30)

Members – $180

Non-Members – $270

Supply Fee – $25

Create your own version of this extremely popular art quilt. Spend the first morning designing your own versions while looking at pattern, repetition, movement, monochromatic and contrasting colour schemes and the rule of thirds. In the afternoon we will use ultra-smooth metallic fabrics paints to paint a realistic sky and foregrounds. Learn to blend paint smoothly on fabric and prevent colour run and see how they can make stitching and raw edge applique easier. Over the next two days we will explore using decorative stitches in inventive ways for texture and dimension and combine matte and shiny for maximum impact. We will finish this piece with your choice of freemotion or standard stitch and create an alternative edge finish with cord or ribbon. You should finish your piece or a series of smaller studies within the 3 days.

All participants need to bring:

1. This is a class that can be done with or without free-motion stitching if wanted however you will need a range of stitches. I’ve seen good results with a machine that does as few as 11. If you want to do freemotion you will need to know how your machine sets up for this before this class (read your manual or check with our dealer if you aren’t sure). You will also need a freemotion foot (often called a darning foot). A straight stitch plate (also bring the normal plate) and extra bobbin case can also be helpful in some cases. Please bring a foot with good visibility for the decorative stitches, plus a couching foot if you have one. You may also need to know how to alter your tensions.

2. Top Stitch needles in size 90 & 100.

3. General sewing equipment – Scissors, unpicker, Quilting ruler (for marking), chalk pencil, pins, bobbins etc.

4. Threads: I recommend 2 variegated blue threads and a few other blues (or similar) and white thread. You will also need a clear thread (mono-filament or monopoly) for the corded edging and a fine 60wt medium blue thread (ie Invisifil or Bottomline). Poly, cotton or rayon etc are all ok. If you are not a confident free motion stitcher polyester or cotton may be preferable too as they can be harder to break.

5. Vliesofix or other similar weight paper backed fusible web cut to 2xA3 pieces and one piece approx A4

6. NB. A kit may be offered for paints, check with your organiser to find out. Jacquard Lumiere paints. I recommend: 571 Pearl Turquoise, 570 Pearlescent Blue, 568 Pearl White (you will need a white for mixing), 576 Hi-Lite Blue (optional but fun). You may also like to include two or three other colours like greens, silver, purples, indigo or special effect paint like Lumiere ‘Halo blue gold’. You can also bring other fabric paints to mix if you are a confident painter.

7. Brushes – any suitable for acrylic paint will work however to speed painting a medium to large (size 3, 4 or 5) stencil brush is a nice cheap stiff brush that will help with the sky. I like white taklon brushes for more precise work as they are inexpensive and hold their shape well. You will need a small, med and large. ie. size 4 (small & round), 5/8” flat (for the sky) and 3/8” angular slant brush (med). If you only bring brushes that don’t hold a sharp edge you will take much longer to get your detail painting done.

8. Palette (or disposable plastic plates) and water container

9. Drop sheet of crease free plastic (table cloth type plastic is great or even the UV backed curtain fabric) to cover your work area (this may be provided by your organiser, please check).

10. Extra-wide non stick baking paper (Glad Bake or similar). Extra wide is available at ALDI etc.

11. White cotton fabric, washed to remove sizing – iron and cut two pieces A3 in size (420x300mm approx)

12. Grey-lead pencil or water erasable pencil for marking design on fabric. (Paint will cover)

13. If you wish to vary your design from that pictured you will need A3 paper and a greylead / black texta colour.

14. Prepare a quilt sandwich with no top – (batting and backing fabric) at A3 size. (This is in addition to the two pieces of white fabric cut to A3 above). Use scaps of fusible web to baste the backing fabric to your batting or lightly spray baste. Do not pin. For larger machines (10” throat or bigger) you may wish to use bag batting which is lovely to work on as the stiffness prevents distortion. For other machines use a wool poly or other fairly dense batting.

15. Tester quilt sandwich (around A3) to test tensions and decorative stitches.

16. Cord for couching around the edge (Iused a blue and white twisted linen but you could use any yarn or even ribbon).

17. Practice quilting sandwiches (at least two) between A4 and A3 in size and some extra fabric / batting to make more if needed. Optional: • Hand stitching needles / threads • Art Smock or old clothes • Small pieces (ie 12 inch squares) black fabric.


Supply List PDF

Extended Workshop Supplies Provided with $25 Material fee  payable to Potomac Fiber Arts Guild at the beginning of Class

Jacquard Lumiere paint:
Pearlescent blue, Indigo, Hi-Lite Blue, Pearlescent White, Grape, Super Sparkle, Pearl Turqouise for colours as per my version.  Limited colors in red / purple / pink, Bronze, Gold, silver, the halo colours, greens etc.