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Mini-Workshop: Inge Dam’s Tablet Weaving for Beginner’s

SKILL LEVEL:  Beginners Welcome

May 12, 2018

St. James Episcopal Church, 11815 Seven Locks Road, Potomac, Maryland

1.00pm – 4.00pm

Tablet Weaving for Beginners

This mini-workshop will introduce the participants to the versatility of tablet weaving and how it can be applied into finished projects or as embellishments on woven items. The participants will learn the history of tablet weaving and become familiar with the tools and the best yarn to use for specific projects. The students will learn one tablet weaving technique, threading defined patterns, and a warp will be made for that technique. Participants will learn how to weave it and how to design patterns for it. Several samples will be available for inspiration.

Members – $30

Non-Members – $40

Supply Fee – $3

Participants should bring:

2 C-clamps (2 inches)

1 small stick shuttles (each shuttle should have one sharp edge)

30 weaving cards

Warp and weft yarn: 10/2 mercerized cotton in four different colors (dark, medium and light) approximately 1/8 lb. of each colour.  If you would rather work with a heavier yarn you can use 5/2 instead, but you will need to bring more than ¼ lb. of each colour.

books with ideas for patterns, i.e., books with cross stitch patterns, knitting patterns etc.

graph paper (8-10 squares per inch)

a plastic bucket or some type of similar container (mop bucket)

one small reed (i.e. for table loom) any dent size will do (it has to fit over the bucket and not fall in to it when laid across it)

tape measure


strong elastics (long and thin rubber bands are the best)


pencil and eraser

colored pencils

black marker (fine point)


darning needle

Supply List PDF

*$3 Materials Fee includes:

Handouts for all participants

*payable to Instructor at beginning of class