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The Potomac Fiber Arts Guild was started in 1944 as the Potomac Craftsmen Guild by a small group of people in the Washington, DC area who liked to do handwork, especially weaving. For many years they met in one of the Smithsonian Institution buildings where one of the members was employed.

With more than 70 years as a premier fiber arts guild, we have grown to over 300 members. Our interests have built upon and expanded beyond weaving to include a wide range of fiber art, such as lace making, embroidery, spinning, knotting, knitting, crocheting, felting, quilting, dyeing, paper making, and stitching and surface design of all types.

Our guild’s mission is:

  • To widen knowledge of the fiber arts and increase the number of techniques known.
  • To investigate and study the fiber art made in our own and other lands.
  • To improve our membership’s creativity, methods and techniques.
  • To gain inspiration from one another by sharing our experiences.
  • To promote the use of quality hand-made fiber art in our vicinity.

Our bylaws may be accessed here.