September, 2019
Instructor:  Leisa Rich
Art Medium:  Art Archeologist and Experimentalist
Mini Workshop:  Building the Textural Surface
Extended Workshop:  Fosshape Sculpture in 2 and 3 D Application
Instructor’s websitemonaleisa.com

October, 2019
Instructor:  Melinda Stees
Art Medium:  Image Knits
Extended Workshop:  Knitting What You See
Instructor’s websitewww.imageknits.com

November, 2019
Instructor:  Katia Mokeyeva
Art Medium:  Felting
Mini Workshop:  Introduction to Felting
Extended Workshop:  Felting, Intermediate to Advanced Structural Felting
Instructor’s websitewww.feuer-und-wasser.com/

December, 2019
Instructor:  Catherine Kapikian – TBD
Art Medium:  Site Specific Commissions
Lecture Topic:  Working with a Community on a Large-Scale Installation  Project
Instructor’s websitecatherinekapikian.com

January, 2020
Topic:  Treasures:  What I Made With What I Bought at the PFAG 2018 Sale.
Items that are the result of books one bought are included.

February, 2020
Instructor:  Jiyoung Chung
Art Medium:  Korean Joomchi papermaking techniques
Mini Workshop:  An Introduction to Joomchi
Extended Workshop:  Yoomchi Traditional Art of Korean Handmade Paper
Instructor’s websitejiyoungchung.com

March, 2020
Instructor:  Jodi Colella
Art Medium:  Embroidery
Mini Workshop:  Embroidering and Embellishing a Personal Business Card
Extended Workshop:  Mixed Media Embroidery or Embroider Anything
Instructor’s websiteJodi-Colella-39mb.squarespace.com

April, 2020
Instructor:  Joanne Hall
Art Medium:  Weaving
Mini Workshop:  Swedish Band weaving
Extended Workshop:  Swedish Pattern Weaving
Instructor’s websitewww.glimakrausa.com

May, 2020
Instructor:  Jo Hamilton
Art Medium:  Crochet
Extended Workshop:  Pictorial Crochet – Crochet Cityscapes
Instructor’s websitejohamiltonart.com

June, 2020
Instructor:  Kathleen Crescenzo
Art Medium:  Felting
Mini Workshop:  Sculpting Wool into Small Cases
Extended Workshop:  Felting a Structured Bag
Instructor’s websitewww.katirilly.com