April 9-11, 2023


Natalya Brashovetska

The Artist:

I am originally from Ukraine, and 20 years ago I moved to Cyprus which has become my second home. My husband and I live in Kampia, a little village in the middle of the island. Several years ago, we constructed my studio nearby. Here I spent most of my time working on designs and conducting private master classes.

I have been a felt artist and educator for many years, designing and constructing various garments, such as coats, vests, dresses, and accessories. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Image design. My unique specialty is footwear (shoes and boots), bags, and form-fitting garments. I enjoy combining methods and designing new techniques. For the past several years, I have conducted many master classes in creating felted shoes, accessories, and clothing across Europe, Australia, the USA, and Canada .  I am very excited about being back in United States.

Extended Workshop: One template – 5 different bags

In this workshop, students will explore techniques for felt bag creation. Each student will create one bag; however, they will also learn how to make five more bags utilizing the same original template.

During the workshop, students will learn:
how to start your bag design (the size, length of the handles, adding pockets, décor);
how to create the template and make a template to account for the wool shrinkage;
how to work with wool (layout wool, the best way to work with short fibers, using sander, process of rolling, shrinkage of the product);
how to create a 3D object from a flat project;
how to achieve a symmetrical product, the formation of the side walls as well as the bottom of the bag;
non-standard solutions for processing bag handles to the desired length.

Date/Time: April 9, 12:00 to 6:00 PM, April 10 and 11 10:00 to 4:00 PM

Location: The Woman’s Club of Chevy Chase, 7931 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Workshop Fee: Members: $240.00 Non-Members: $330.00

Student Supply List:

Bergshaf wool on batts 500gr, you can combine two or more colors or blend. Can be found on Etsy.
Mohair and More

Resist materials .5 meter
Cotton gauze 2 meters

Fine silk 2 meters ( margelan or chiffon, between 3 and 5 momme) the same colors as wool. You can check Etsy for options.
Feuer und Wasser- Katia Mokeyeva Margilan https://www.feuer-und-wasser.com/margilan-silk
Divinity Fibres 5mm dyed silk chiffon scarves https://divinityfibres.com/search?type=product&q=silk+chiffon

The pieces of the thick felt ( if you have made some slippers or bags before, and you have over left pieces), otherwise we will create those during the workshop
Yarns, fabric for decorating ( optional)
Bag leather buckles (optional)


PVC Noodles mat (not very big 90 / 50cm) – it will be good to have it, but not
Bamboo blinds (size 50/90 cm) not required
Olive Soap, or other soap you prefer ( 100-120 gr)
Gloves (these types of gloves are usually used to serve food)
Old Towels
Watercolor pencils or tailor’s chalk for marking on felt
Mosquito net
Water sprayer
Measuring Tape
Scissors (large)
Needles (large)
Tools you use for the felting ( wood washboards, felting rollers, palm washboard, felted for stones).

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