The Potomac Fiber Arts Guild was started in 1944 as the Potomac Craftsmen Guild by a small group of people in the Washington, DC area who liked to do handwork, especially weaving. For many years they met in one of the Smithsonian Institution buildings where one of the members was employed.

With more than 70 years as a premier fiber arts guild, we have grown to over 300 members. Our interests have built upon and expanded beyond weaving to include a wide range of fiber art, such as lace making, embroidery, spinning, knotting, knitting, crocheting, felting, quilting, dyeing, paper making, and stitching and surface design of all types.

Our guild’s mission is:

  • To widen knowledge of the fiber arts and increase the number of techniques known.
  • To investigate and study the fiber art made in our own and other lands.
  • To improve our membership’s creativity, methods and techniques.
  • To gain inspiration from one another by sharing our experiences.
  • To promote the use of quality hand-made fiber art in our vicinity.

Our bylaws may be accessed here.

Past Presidents

2021 –  Present  Stacy Cantrell1990 –1992   Margaret Ralston1967 –1969   Mrs. Willner D. Mensing
2019 –  2021  Gail Hamill1988–1990   Verna Suit1966 –1967   Mrs. H. M. H. A. Van der Valk
2017 –  2019   Floris Flam1986–1988   Mickie Schneider1965 –1966   Mrs. John Porter
2015 – 2017   Margaret Fisher1985 –1986   Margaret M. Conant1963 –1965   Mrs. Allen S. Arness
2013 –2015   Eileen Doughty1984 –1985   Christine Spangler1961 –1963   Dr. Doris Cochran
2011 –2013   Ann Graham1982 –1984   Betty Ladd1960 –1961   Mrs. Paul Henshaw
2009 –2011    Zita Simutis1980 –1982   Caye Speakman1959 –1960   Cdr. Theodore R. Cooley
2007 –2009   Anne Sanderoff-Walker1979 –1980   Byrdann Fox1957 –1959   Miss Elizabeth Long
2005 –2007   Janet Stollnitz1978 –1979   Lee-lee Schlegel1955 –1957   Mrs. C. Edwin Nighman
2003 –2005   Corrine Terebas1976 –1978   Dr. Howard E. Waterworth1953 –1955   Mrs. P. Hendley Napier
2001 –2003   Roz Houseknecht1975 –1976   Miss Hyacinth L. McMorris1952 –1953   Mrs. Ralph Fast
1999 –2001   Jane Butler1974 –1975   Mrs. Walter C. Sewell1951 –1952   Mrs. J. W. Waterhouse
1997–1999    Lanna Ray1972 –1974   Mrs. William J. Flynn1949 –1951   Mrs. W. Gardner Lynn
1996 –1997   Prue Hill1971 –1972   Doramay Keasbey1948 –1949   Mrs. Phillip Wood
1994 –1996   Jean Christensen1970 –1971   Mrs. Frank J. Lynch1946 –1948   Mrs. Donnell Young
1992 –1994   Jennifer Kelly1969 –1970   Mrs. Myron W. Klein1944 –1946   Mrs. Alfred R. Lee