March 13, 2021

Program and Workshops

Daryl Lancaster

The Artist:

Daryl Lancaster, a hand-weaver and fiber artist known for her award-winning hand-woven fabric and garments, has been constructing garments for more than 50 years. She gives lectures and workshops to guilds, conferences, and craft centers all over the United States. The former Features Editor for Handwoven Magazine, she has written more than 100 articles and digital content, frequently contributes to various weaving and sewing publications and writes regularly for Threads Magazine. Daryl maintains a blog at Find her at

Guild Meeting/Program: Color and Inspiration 

Build color confidence no matter what your favorite fiber technique.  We start with the basics of color and discuss inspiration from color forecasts and online color tools.  They can help stretch the imagination of anyone who is color challenged.  PowerPoint slides will illustrate a series of fun exercises to create easy color references using yarn, photos, and Color-aid papers.  And for the handweavers, what to do when introducing a weft!  Lots of inspiration! 

Mini Workshop: From Leftovers to Gourmet
Piece together all those handwoven scraps and leftovers into something wonderful. This technique uses a fusible backing and no seam allowances. Bias tubes cover the butted joints. Use scraps to create a personal composition and push your creativity to the max! Students will create a mat using this technique. Sewing machine required.

This workshop uses PowerPoint and live demonstrations and is suitable for all levels.  A basic knowledge of the sewing machine is assumed.  A PDF digital downloadable version of the PowerPoint component of the seminar will be available for participants before the presentation.

Date/Time: March 13, 2021, (1PM – 4PM)

Location: Class will be held live on Zoom

Mini Workshop Fee: Members: $35.00 Non-Members: $45.00

Student Materials fee (includes cost of shipping): $15 Includes base interfacing and press bar.  If you do not wish to buy the kit, please add the following to your supply list:

A pre-cut backing of Peltex #71F from Pellon®: one-sided fusible ultra-firm stabilizer. 20”(50cm) wide.

A 5/16” – 3/8” wide duct fastener to be used as a press bar. These are available at any hardware store, but you would have to purchase 25-50 in a package. The length is not important.

Student Supply List: Basic sewing kit (pins, needles, thread, scissors, seam ripper, seam gauge, tape measure); Fat quarter yard each of three different fabrics, two medium weight coordinating prints or textured fabrics (handwoven fabrics are excellent, bring a scarf or two) and one solid color fabric. Fabric can be large scraps; ½ yard of 45” fabric for backing and bias (can be quilt fabric, firm lining fabric, handpainted silks, light weight rayons or cottons), this fabric should contrast the fabrics from above; Rotary cutting board and rotary cutter with new blade; Good dressmaker shears; See-thru straight edge with 45° markings; Sewing thread to coordinate with the backing fabric; Pencil, pen, or fabric marker; Basic zigzag sewing machine, with empty bobbins, extra needles–size 90/14, zigzag foot. Have manual available; Please have access to an iron and ironing board. ALL FABRICS SHOULD BE PRE-SHRUNK
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Extended Workshop: Weave Your Own Trim: Inkle Loom Basics

All levels are welcome. No weaving experience necessary!  The inkle loom is portable, easy to warp, easy to weave off, and makes beautiful belts and bands.  Daryl uses it to trim her garments.  Every weaver should own one.  Come learn this simple warp face structure. Participants will need an open sided inkle loom and should be able to finish a small bookmark.

March 14, 2021 (10AM – Noon and 1PM – 3 PM)

Location: Class will be held live on Zoom

Workshop Fee: Members: $75.00 Non-Members: $105.00

Student Supply List: An open sided inkle loom, like the Schacht, Ashford, or Ashford Inklette. Please no inkle looms with warp and cloth beams like the Gilmore and the Glimakra. Those require specific equipment for warping and this class does not focus on beaming chain warps; A small belt shuttle, like a stick shuttle except with a more tapered edge along one side; A small spool of 8/4 carpet warp for making heddles. You will need 19 heddles.
About 2-ounces of 5/2 cotton, or any smooth yarn that yields between 1,200 yds/lb.and 2,100 yds/lb. in a very light color, white, lt. grey, ivory or lt. beige. (This will also be the weft yarn.); About 1-ounce of 5/2cotton or as above in a very bright color; About 1-ounce of 3/2 cotton or doubled 5/2 cotton as above in a very dark color, black, charcoal, dk. brown, etc.; Scissors; Tape measure

A PDF digital downloadable version of the PowerPoint component of the seminar will be available for participants before the presentation. It is expected that participants will have the digital version available on a tablet, laptop, or other digital device, or they may choose to print the file.
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